5 Things You Should Know for The Sunset at Kalong Island

Maybe watching the sunset from the sandy beach or somewhere like a beach club is just something that people could easily do. One thing that always blows everyone’s mind is the Sunset at Kalong Island (Bat Island). But, you need to know these 5 things for your sunset time at Kalong Island getting into perfection.

1. Stay Tuned on The Timing

Catching the sunset is a bit tricky, as you’re in a new place and you need to pay more attention to the day and night timing. Just keep yourself updated on the sunset schedule by checking on your phone or just ask the locals who already know about the sunset timing.

2. Have Yourself Comfort Drinks & Meals

Some Beers will complete your sunset session while the simmered tea is all fine. Prepare something to eat as well such as banana fritters, chips, cookies or whatever you feel comfortable with.

3. Ask The Boat Cooperation

Since you’ll be in the middle of the sea, and the boat might be changing the direction all the time, make sure your direction is facing towards the sunset. Just make sure the boat crew keeps the boat position.

4. Get The Bean Bags and Chill Musics

The beautiful show needs a comfortable seat, yess! Get yourself a bean bag, cushion or just you can adjust your own position that you’re comfortable with. And one thing that is quite crucial is the music that builds the ambiance, you will feel like you’re in the scene of a movie or just dramatize your sunset moment.

5. Don’t Miss The Moment

Although it’s too good to just let your eyes blink, just don’t be too selfish. Grab your camera and take some shots and even some footage for your own memories or share it to see your friends envy you.

So yeah! Watching the sunset will never be the same again, just short of the moment that could change your life. You will be so prepared for the amazing show of thousand flying bats with the magnificent sunset and burning sky as the background. Have a really nice sunset wanderer!

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