1.What type of trips that Wanderis serve?

Open and Private trip.

2. What does an open trip mean?

The open trip means we have scheduled where and when the trip will take place. You’ll join the trip together with the other Wanderers (the trip participants).

3. What does a private trip mean?

The private trip means we’ll adjust the trip schedule and even itinerary based on your request. We serve friends, families, schools, companies, and even brand collaboration and special events trips. So, don’t hesitate, let’s discuss how Wanderis can help you, just ping us here.

4. What are the trip or destination options?

We provide you with a bunch of options. For you who would like to explore wonderful Indonesia, you may check our trip list in Wander Nusantara. We don’t stop there, for you who’re obsessed with globe-trotting, let’s check to Wander the World.

Can’t find your dream trip there? Don’t hesitate, just ping us here and let’s wander somewhere.

5. Does Wanderis serve private or customized trips?

Yes, definitely. We serve private friends, family, school, company, and any other kind of trip. Ping us here to let us know your inquiry. We’ll get back to you soon.

6. Can I choose my preferred trip buddy and photographer?

Yes and no. Yes for private trips as long as the trip buddy and photographer are still available. No for open trips as we’ve scheduled the trip buddy and photographer arrangement for a long time before the departure. Don’t worry, we guarantee a standardized quality of our trip buddy and photographer.

Booking & Payment


1. How can I book a trip with Wanderis?

  1. Choose your dream trip here for Wander Nusantara  or Wander the World 
  2. Click the WhatsApp button here
  3. Our team will immediately reach you out
  4. Choose your payment options
  5. Make and confirm the payment
  6. Walaaa you’re more than ready

Psst, we’re working on a more seamless booking experience on the website, wait for it.

2. How long in advance should I book the trip?

You can make a booking up to 7 days before the departure date. BUT, we encourage you to do it sooner, at least 30 days before the departure date, to keep your slot guaranteed.

3. Does all the price include airplane tickets?

Some are included and some are excluded. Thus, you may check the pricing details on each of the trip pages. For the trips that airplane tickets are not included, we’re open to help you make the booking.

4. Is there any special price for baby and kids?

Yes, for sure. 

  1. Baby – 24 months old or younger
    Free of charge.
  2. Kids – 5 years old or younger
    25% discount out of the total price. Note : Children will not get dedicated bed. Extra bed will be charged.


1. Should I make 100% full payment upfront? Are there any installment programs?

We’ve 2 payment programs for you. You can choose between

  1. Complete full 100% payment
    For full payment before D-60 before the departure date, you’ll get a 10% discount.
  2. Installment
    a. Make a 30% down payment (DP)
    b. Make another 20% payment by the latest on D-60 before the departure date
    Make the final remaining 50% payment by the latest on D-30 before the departure date

Pssst, we’re working on something beneficial for your “travel wallet” experience. Wait for it.

2. How can I make the payment?

Currently, we only receive payment through bank transfer to BCA 2332402227 (Ayub Dwi A). Pssstt again, we’re working on a more seamless booking and payment experience on the website.

3. What should I do after making the payment?

Please send us the payment receipt through our official WhatsApp number along with the invoice number. Once we verify the payment, your booking will be confirmed.

4. Will I get a refund for the canceled trip?

Yes, don’t worry. Check it below.

Cencellation & Refund


1. Can I cancel my trip that has been paid?

Yes, you can. We understand that sometimes some unplanned things might happen.

2. What should I do to cancel my trip?

You may contact us through our official Whatsapp number. Our team will be glad to help you.

3. Can Wanderis cancel my trip that has been paid?

Unfortunately, sometimes unintended things might happen, thus we might need to cancel the trip due to force majeure (natural disaster, epidemic, declare of war, war, and other events that might be not comfortable and/or safe for the trip).

4. Will I get a refund for my canceled trip?

Yes, definitely. Check the refund policy below.


1. When will a refund be provided?

Refund will be provided for trip canceled by

  1. Wanderis
    For 100% out of the total payment made
  2. The Wanderers (you)
    a. Until D-60 before departure date, the refund will be provided with a 30% cancellation fee out of the total price

    b. D-59 to D-31 before departure date, the refund will be provided with a 50% cancellation fee out of the total price
    c. D-30 to D-7 before departure date, the refund will be provided with a 70% cancellation fee out of the total price
    d. D-6 to D-3 before departure date, the refund will be provided with a 90% cancellation fee out of the total price
    e. Refund will not be provided for cancellation from D-2 to D-day departure date

2. When will I receive my refund?

Your refund will be processed at max. 14 days after the cancellation confirmation. The net amount of refunded will be sent to your designated bank account.